The OHM-I Nunavik was created under the joint supervision of the Institute of Ecology and Environment CNRS (INEE) and the Centre for Northern Studies (CEN, Quebec). It is conducted in partnership with the Kativik Regional Government (KRG). His co-construction and direction are provided by :

- Monique Bernier - Assistant Director of CEN-INRS, co-director of the OHIM
- Najat Bhiry - Director of CEN - Laval University, deputy director of the Office
- Sylvie BLANGY - researcher at CEFE UMR 5175 (CNRS), co-director of the OHIM
- Jean-Pierre DEDIEU - director of research at UMR 5564 LTHE (CNRS), deputy director of the Office

The steering committee consists of Mr. Bernier, N. Bhiry, S. Blangy, and J-P Dedieu :

-Ellen AVARD, director of the Center of Research of Nunavik

-Michael BARRETT, director associate, Service of Renewable Energy, Environment, Territories and Parks, ARK

-Stas OLSPINSKI, executive director of Makivik 

-Barry FORD, advisor of Research Center in Nunavik

-Betsy PALLISER, advisor Search for Nunavik - KRG and ArcticNet