Results of the first restitution seminar TUKISIK


We thank you for participating in the first feedback seminar of the OHIM-Nunavik (Tukisik) on 19 and 20 November. We enjoyed the exchanges that took place during these two days. You will find HERE a detailed report of the two days and the program of the two days HERE. The presentations will be available soon on the "Meetings" page. We invite you to convey to Pascaline Bourgain your profile and your photo.


We would like to remind researchers who received funding from Labex DRIIHM the following obligations:
1) A word of thanks to your hosts in the villages: Send an e-mail as soon as possible but before 31 January 2016 to your partners in the villages of Nunavik thanking them for their cooperation, a short description of the data you've collected or results obtained, along with a photo or two.

2) Scientific report by January 5, 2016: We need a scientific report for each of the projects 2014 and 2015. The report of a few pages will contain the following elements:
•Project title
• Research Objectives
• Team composition and roles
• Dates field campaigns, place, nature of activities, list of persons met,
• Methodological Approach
• First results
• Publications and other results of valuation methods
• Specify all types of documents (photos, videos, interviews, maps, physical data) you will produce. The metadata must be entered in 2016 on the site of Labex DRIIHM
• Activities planned for 2016 if necessary
• Additional Sources of funding obtained or requested.

3) Financial Report by January 5, 2016: We need a financial report (Excel file) detailing all expenses (past and future) of each projects in 2014 and 2015. This report will be annexed to the scientific report.

B. APR 2016
Research proposals for 2016 must be submitted online by December 20th. Evaluations will be made in January 2016. The evaluation criteria and the weighting of each of these criteria are AVAILABLE HERE. We encourage you to also submit inter OHM projects. These proposals will be communicated prior to submission of December 20 online at Monique and Sylvie for approval.

We ask you to inform us (Sylvie Monique and) if you want to submit a grant application to the 2016 competition. The deadline is Monday, December 7, 2015 at midnight (Paris time) and the results will be known in mid February.

Sincerely, Monique and Sylvie