Launch Seminar OHMI Nunavik

The launch seminar of OHIM held on 20, 21 and 22 November in Quebec.

We wish to thank all participants for their active participation in the workshop to launch the Observatory Men-Media International (OHIM) Nunavik, a partnership between the Northern Studies Centre, the National Centre for Scientific Research and 'Kativik Regional Government.

Through collaboration and dynamism of those present, the workshop was very productive. A short summary was drafted. A more detailed report of our discussions and actions to be undertaken is in preparation and will be available soon.

A first result of the workshop is that OHIM-Nunavik will now be called TUKISIGASUAQATIGIT (read together).

Please all receive our sincere greetings.

Monique Bernier (CEN) and Sylvie Blangy (CNRS), co-directors of TUKISIGASUAQATIGIT (OHIM-Nunavik)
Najat Bhiry (CEN) and Dominique Marguerie (CNRS), deputy directors of TUKISIGASUAQATIGIT (OHIM-Nunavik)


You will find below: the program, the letter of invitation, the list of participants French, the list of Canadian Participants and the executive summary of the results.

The presentations made at the seminar: presentation OHIM Nunavik by Sylvie Blangy, mission Kangiqsujuaq Stephanie Bleau and example of collaborative projects in the Arctic by Peter Pulsifer

Do not hesitate to contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., Monique Bernier, Najat Bhiry and Dominique Marguerie for more information.



Kangiqsujuaq is one of the 14 Nunavik Inuit communities located in northern Quebec in an exceptional site, 10 km from the Hudson Strait (Nuvummiut Imarppinga), covered with a herbaceous tundra zone in continuous permafrost in a very rich region ores.

Kangiqsujuaq meets 725 inhabitants of which 41% are under 20 years. Part of the population works in one of the largest nickel mines in Canada, Xstrata's Raglan Mine located 90 km and in the mine of Canadian Royalties. It is also the main entrance of the Parc national du Saguenay, the famous lake with blue waters and exceptionally pure formed by a meteorite impact. It is a booming community (new community infrastructure, sporting, tourist, new small businesses). She was chosen by the Kativik Regional Government as a location OHIM and will serve as a place of experimentation for other Nunavik communities.

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