OHMI Research

Carte APR 2017The themes identified to date are:

- The combination of environmental and social impacts resulting from the Northern industrialization (mining and large infrastructure): the physical and biological impacts on territories and resources (contaminants, waste management, transport of materials) and their effects real socio-economic (working conditions, impact on lifestyles)
- The vulnerability of the most important animal and plant species by economic or spiritual value to the Inuit and First Nations, threatened by the sum of changes
- The impact of climate on the coastal zone (erosion, maritime transport, infrastructure, construction, hunting and fishing, transport and security) including animal and plant biodiversity, the cryosphere (sea, estuary, river, sea ice) and stability soil on the coastal zone (erosion, shipping, commodities, construction, hunting / fishing, transportation and safety, etc.)
- The quality of life of people and their aspirations (health, living conditions, demography, identity)
- Scenarios and alternative models of economic development that take into account the values, governance and Inuit customs
- Mitigation and adaptation strategies enabling people to cope with the effects of climate chang

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