Open of Call for valuation of OHM research - 2023 April 3rd

A call for the valuation of research and data produced within the DRIIHM and the OHM is opened. The idea is to contribute to the financing of your actions of valuation, publication and mediation that you carry out within your winning research projects of the calls 2020 and 2022. Inter and intra-OHM valorization projects are also eligible.

The following may be supported
- participation in conferences to present the results of yourresearch (mission, registration fees, etc.)
- publication costs (publishing costs, Open Science costs, APC (Articles Processing Charges) paid within your project),
- translation costs,
- publishing costs of scientific books,
- the organization of scientific or popularization thematic symposium,
- and mediation actions towards the civil society, the institutions, the actors of the territory.

The submission of your applications is done via a questionnaire which is available from April 3rd: 

You can view the questionnaire before answering it via this PDF.

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Seminar "Ethics on digital data collection in an indigenous context"

Laval University (Quebec, Canada), Lausane University (Switzerland) and OHMi Nunavik organise a seminar on "Ethics on digital data collection in an indigenous context" on 20 September.

The seminar will be held in person at Laval University (Room 2320-2330, Gene-H. Kruger Hall, from 8:30 am to 12:30 pm Quebec time / 2:30 pm to 6:30 pm in France and Switzerland) but also in remote via the link:

You will find the presentation of this seminar HERE and more details in the Program.

Ouverture APR 2020 - Labex DRIIHM - OHMi Nunavik

L'Appel à projets de recherche pour l'OHMi Nunavik est ouvert.

Vous pouvez soumettre un projet via ce site (après connexion) jusqu'au 20 avril 2020 minuit (heure de Paris).

Vous trouverez ci-après les liens vers la fiche spécifique de l'APR OHMi Nunavik, et le cadre général de l'APR qui vous resitue cet appel dans le contexte du DRIIHM et vous précise les modalités de soumission.

Fiche APR2020-OHMi Nunavik : APR2020-Nunavik

Cadre Général de l'APR :

Version française : Cadre Général APR DRIIHM-Nunavik

English version : Context_APR2020_DRIIHM_Nunavik

Laureates of the call for projects 2016

The laureates of the call for projects 2016 for the OHMI Nunavik are :

-Piurursiaq (Plante/ fleur cultivée) - En quoi la valorisation des ressources botaniques locales dans les projets horticoles et l'implantation de cultures hydroponiques peuvent-elles améliorer la sécurité alimentaire, l¹autonomie et le bien-être des Inuit ? (Leaders: COXAM Véronique and HERRMANN Thora )
-Comment réduire la dépendance aux énergies fossiles des communautés inuit au Nunavik ? (Leaders: HAILLOT Didier and ROUSSE Daniel)
-AGIR - Aléas gravitaire dans le parc national Tursujuq, lieu de prédilection pour les activités traditionnelles autochtones et le tourisme environnemental (Leaders: DECAULNE Armelle and BHIRY Najat)
-De la gestion des impacts au bien-être : activités industrielles et santé environnementale quelles relations ? (Leaders: DESBIENS Caroline and MARTIN Jean-Louis)
-Recherche/action sur la santé et le bien-être des Inuits à l¹interface Inuit-chien-environnement (Leaders: RAVEL André and BASTIAN Susanne)
-Biosurveillance aquatique communautaire sur la rivière George, Nunavik (Leaders: LEVESQUE Esther and DEDIEU Jean-Pierre)

Congratulations to the laureates ! 

Thematic school : "Participatory Action Research, Tools and Ontology"

The GDR PARCS organizes from March 7th to 11th, 2016, a thematic school: "Participatory Action Research, Tools and Ontology", with the support of the INEE, Labex CeMEB FDE.

This school is intended for researchers, PhD students and actors of participatory science who are engaged in a research program involving the participation of citizens, and, secondly, to those wishing to develop a research project based on the tools of participation.
Its main objective is to advance and consolidate the practices related to Participatory Action Research in France, gathering and uniting researchers and key players with experience in this area.

It will take place over 5 days, the Hameau de l'Etoile, 25km from Montpellier.

Pre-registration is open and will end on February 7. You can find more details here.

Introductive training to Participatory Action Research

The 29th, 30th and 31st of March 2016, the labex DRIIHM organizes training workshops for the A-ROHM to share competences within the network of Human-Environment Observatories. This training is intended primarily for members of OHM, but will be open to outside within the limit of available seats. It will consist of an introduction to the theme of Participatory Action Research (PAR) and citizen science with Jacques Chevalier (Chancellor Professor, Sociology and Anthropology, Carleton University, Ottawa). Educational costs € 300 and free for members of OHM.
Location: Agropolis International - 1000, Avenue Agropolis - F-34394 Montpellier Cedex 5

Discover the pre-program: pre-program

To register : registration link